Fifteen years ago, my father and I wouldn’t have dared imagine Valley India Times would still be around today, still be in demand, and still be spreading news around the valley (and beyond through the Internet).

As the milestone approached, we began to plan. We began looking into the logistics of hosting a celebration to mark our 15th year of circulation. As time passed our desire to throw a party or have some large celebration simmered and we began to think, there has to be a more meaningful way to commemorate this milestone.

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FAAA – A Cultural Movement going onto its Third Decade!
It is not very often that we come across organizations that have sustained for over several decades, and yet silently served the community by pervading its listening-and-learning atmosphere.
IACRF: Celebrating 25 Years of Serving our Community
The Indo-American Cultural and Religious Foundation of Arizona was founded in 1988 under the leadership of Dr. Gautam Shah with a clear mission and vision.
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