Alvida: We Bid You Farewell

With much excitement, it is our pleasure to announce that we have decided to sell the business we have been running for the past 16 years—Valley India Times.

We truly have cherished being the providers of the newspaper that helps unify our Indo-American community and documents the events that happen in our valley of the sun. Because of this, it took us some time to discuss and think it over for a few months before we decided we were ready to move on from running this newspaper.

Why now?

The answer is complex, but is simple as well—we want to pursue other ventures.

For the past 16 years, we have dedicated our lives to managing this business. For the publisher, aka my dad, he has officially retired from his other job and felt that it was the right time to retire from running Valley India Times as well. As for me, I have dedicated half my life to co-running this newspaper and would like to have more time to focus on my writing projects and consulting profession. [Read more]

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The legacy and history of Valley India Times

During the last 16 years, Jayant M. Dholakia and Jesal Dholakia Gandhi, have created a newspaper that brings together our local news and upcoming events with international headlines, national discussions, socio-cultural musings, and advice from our local subject matter experts. From its launch, this newspaper has been an important resource in linking businesses, religious establishments, and social events with the Arizona Indo-American community. They have had an infl uence upon each and every volume of this newspaper; spanning 17 volumes to date.

The people who brought you Valley India Times over the last 16 years

Many people have influenced and helped with creating Valley India Times and morphing it into what it is today. As we bid farewell to all of you, we want to commemorate all the hard work these individuals have put into bringing Valley India Times to you over the last 16 years. There have been many designers, consultants, and contributors along the way. We helped launch many individuals into their writing careers by being the first ones to publish their content and all of you encouraged them to continue with their submissions.

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